Starburst "Fruit & Créme"


To sum up this candy quickly, I would say that they’re not bad, but not really as intense as the original "Starburst". If you want something that feels like a Starburst candy, but a little milder, these are the treat for you. They remind me a little of another candy I once tried called "Body Smarts Creamy Fruit Chews" which had the gimmick of being healthy fruit chews with less sugar and artificial flavours. The main difference that these have over the “healthy chews, is that the flavour is a little more synthetic.

I can't say that I like eating these for some reason. I feel like eating these has made me less tough as a food reviewer, as if they’re soft and weak versions of a popular snack. Maybe its the pink package, or maybe its the pastel-like colours of each candy, but I don't know something is making me feel a little weaker. I guess it's some kind of marketing thing, but man it feels weird eating these.

I don’t normally mind eating a mild candy, but for some reason it feels wrong when it comes to Starbursts. I expect Starburst to have an intense flavour, and these just don’t have it.