Ring Pop "Strawberry Splash"


You can certainly tell that this treat is marketed towards a younger crowd. As a male in his... well an adult, I could not put this ring on any one of my fingers. I asked Allison, who has much more lady like fingers to try, and she could only get it on her pinky. I can tell you now that it's very awkward to suck a Ring Pop from someone else's finger, I imagine it would be even more awkward if you weren't involved with them.

The other design flaw of this treat comes from the amount of drool that collects that the base of ring when I suck on it. The drool mixes with the hard candy and then ends up all over your fingers. It's not a big problem, but I wonder if there's any way to fix it.

After all of this negativity, I should mention that I really like these Ring Pops, and in particular I really enjoyed this "Strawberry Splash" Ring Pop. I like the colour and shine of the "diamond" after I took a few licks was sparkly and fun. I asked Allison to marry me again when she put it on, so that was fun too, and the flavour was really nice. It's a subtle strawberry flavour, with a very slight tart feeling on the tong.

I really like Ring Pops, and I think they're well worth all of the sticky drool that I have to clean off your hand and your face when you’re done. Fun and tasty, just like a candy should be, I just wish that they made them in my size.