September 2023

Strawberry Tart Cookies

Mister Ito

These are totally successful cookies. I would even go so far as to say as representations of strawberry tarts, they’re great. Actually, they have one flaw that would be easy to fix that would make them perfect, but they’re still pretty close. The thing that they’re missing is custard. Even the pie on the package has a custard base to it, however these cookies do not. It would be easy enough to achieve with a nice layer of buttery flavoured cream sandwiched between the cookie shell and the strawberry jam.

The reason this lack of cream hasn’t ruined these tart cookies is all in the mini pie shell cookie base. There’s something very creamy and buttery about the flavour of this cookie base that almost makes up for the lack of cream. It’s not uncommon for cookie companies to just use regular vanilla cookies as a base for this kind of cookie, but in this case they went for something very decadent and creamy. It’s one of the best butter cookies I’ve had in a while, and with the strawberry jam it tastes really great.

The jam is also worth giving praise. I’m not sure how much real strawberry is in it, but it seems like there might be some. There is no doubt about the flavour of this red jelly, and that’s not always the case with fruit cookies. Often red is just a generic flavour, but not in this case, it’s strawberry all the way.

These are really good cookies, however they’re not perfect. I feel like with a thin layer of creamy icing they could be some of the best cookies sold in stores (not freshly baked). While they’re not as good as a fine strawberry tart, they’re pretty darn close.