Puku-Puku Tai "Strawberry"


Strawberry and chocolate are a really spectacular flavour combination. When I say this, I'm talking about real strawberries and chocolate, fake strawberry and chocolate combinations don't really work all the time. That's the problem that many candy companies have, how to capture that amazing flavour combination using fake strawberry flavours. So far, I have yet to see any company actually achieve the perfect flavour of strawberries and chocolate together, but this particular treat isn't horrible.

While there's no argument that the strawberry flavour in this treat is very fake tasting, it's still pretty tasty. Instead of trying to mix chocolate with strawberry, Meito decided to make the chocolate strawberry flavoured. They went all out as well, not only is the chocolate strawberry flavoured, the crunchy (ice cream cone textured) shell is also strawberry flavoured. They wanted to make sure that you knew that this is a strawberry flavoured treat.

I've tasted the regular chocolate version Puku Puku Tai in the past, and I was really disappointed. The chocolate flavour of the regular chocolate Puku Puku Tai was very weak, but with the strawberry flavour it's greatly improved. It’s very rare that a strawberry version of a chocolate treat out performs its original incarnation, but this strawberry version is the one I’d pick if you have the choice.