Stride "Sweet Berry"


I normally don't talk about packaging much on this site because to be honest it's the least important part of a candy experience, most of the time. The thing is I don't really chew that much gum, in fact the only reason I chew any gum at all is when this site requires that I do. I enjoy chewing gum, but I rarely crave it, and Allison absolutely hates gum more than any other person on the planet. She accepts the fact that I on occasion do a gum review (she doesn't like it at all), and to be honest I don't really mind living a gum reduced lifestyle. I say all this because I don't really see the advances made in gum package design in my everyday life. I'm still impressed by the pop your piece of gum out pill like bubble packages of some gums. This package of Stride gum on the other hand is like a super fancy wallet displaying its pieces in all their glory. It's so nice that I didn't want to take any out because it would ruin the aesthetics.

The gum itself is pretty good too. I'm a big fan of the idea that sugar free, long lasting gums in some other flavour than mint. It's not that I don't like mint; I just like the idea of something else now and again. Having said that I'm not too sure what this has done for my breath if anything. I'd ask Allison, but if you read the first paragraph, you'd understand why I didn't. The fruity flavour did last a long time and it was super powerful. It didn't really represent any fruit in particular, but I'm sure that's why they used the fictional fruit name "Sweet Berry".

It did have a slight cool/minty feeling to it and that was a bit of a disappointment. I really wonder if that has something to do with the sugar free aspect or the attempt to freshen your breath. I really didn’t like the slight burst of menthol, but fortunately in this case, it was pretty subtle compared to the berry flavour.

Chew Time: about 25 minutes