Sugar Babies "Caramel Apple"


You clever people at Tootsie, you just think of everything don’t you. You already have a classic little treat that has a yummy caramel type centre, Sugar Babies. So, one might wonder “how can you give this classic American treat a seasonal twist and make it fun and different?” I think the first inspiration was probably to give these chewy bites a caramel covered apple twist. The question is how can you make this treat with a caramel centre work with a caramel covered apple theme? Why not get rid of our flavourless candy coating, and cover our caramel candy with an apple-flavoured coating instead?

These caramel apple Sugar Babies pretty much worked exactly as it was supposed to. The caramel centre of Sugar Babies works as a great caramel flavour because it’s really rich and strong. The reason one needs a strong caramel flavour is because often (and as is in this case) fake apple flavour is super powerful. Having a good balance between these two flavours is the key for this treat to work.

The problem I have with these is that I’m not really a big fan of fake apple flavours and this one is very strong. If you like fake apple flavour, then they'll be right up your alley because you get such a jolt of it when you first pop these Sugar Babies into your mouth. As you chew them down the powerful caramel flavour takes over and it takes the edge off that strong apple flavour, but it certainly hits you pretty hard at the top.

While I’m not a big fan of the apple flavour, I must commend the folks at Tootsie for the clever design of these Sugar Babies.