Take 5


There's a trick to making a chocolate bar that contains a lot of different ingredients, and it's all in the ratio. For this kind of bar to work you have to accomplish two things. First you have to have flavours that work together, you don't want anything that sticks out more than any other. Secondly you have to make sure that each ingredient counts, if you put a microscopic amount of any of the ingredients listed on the package and no one tastes it, that's a fail. While simple candies are a challenge because each ingredient has to be perfect, candies that are more complicated, like this Take 5, are often overlooked as being difficult to design as well.

The problem here is that Hershey's didn't really get this one right either. It's not that it tastes particularly bad, the ingredients are flavours at have always traditionally worked together. The problem in this bar is the ratio. If you love pretzels, you'll love this bar, because that's pretty much what it is. This is a pretzel with caramel, peanut butter, chocolate and nuts lightly drizzled on top. The primary texture is pretzel and the primary flavour is pretzel. That's not a bad thing to taste, but not really in the spirit of the bar.

The ingredient that failed the most was the peanuts, or small peanut pieces to be more precise. It's as if they gave us chunky peanut butter, but decided that the chunks could count as separate ingredients.