Taste Tations


The thing about these hard candy treats is that they really do taste like chocolate, and I'm not used to the idea of a hard chocolate flavour. Each time I eat a Taste Tation my mouth is desperately trying to fight the urge to bite and chomp this treat into little bits. It’s as if the flavour of chocolate triggers something in my subconscious, and instantly makes me think that I should be eating something soft and creamy.

While the texture isn’t really creamy, the flavour is milky and smooth; it's full of fun chocolate taste. It’s a really unique flavour to have in hard candy form, and it’s so convincing that it’s liable to trick your brain a little. I would best describe it as like sucking on a chocolate bar for a long time.

I have to say I love these Taste Tations. I’ve been known keep them in my pocket for just the right occasion. Even though they won’t freshen your breath, as a fun treat to suck on they make a good mint substitute. The one problem I have with them is that I do go through them rather fast, mainly because I keep crunching them. Right at this moment I'm fighting like a maniac to keep the one in my mouth in one piece till the end.

Suck Time: 12 min