Tim Tam Slams "Choc Hazelnut & Gooey Caramel Flavour"


It’s going to be a little complicated reviewing these Tim Tams (Let me get it out of the way, I know these are technically cookies, but I’m giving them a pass. Why? Because it’s my website.) The reason these are a little complicated to review is because to enjoy them you must eat them a particular way. For those unfamiliar with Tim Tams, they are a popular cookie from Australia that consists of cookies, cream and a chocolate coating. The reason these are a little complicated is because there is a method to eat Tim Tams known as the Tim Tam Slam, which involves submerging half of the cookie in a warm beverage, and using the cookie almost like a straw to suck the liquid through the cookie. What happens is the filling of the Tim Tam melts away flavouring whatever your hot beverage might be, while also soaking the cookies making them soft and warm. The Tim Tam slam seems like it’s not going to work when you first attempt it, but it’s never failed me.

These particular Tim Tams are designed specifically to Slam. In this case, not only is the flavour favourable to hot drinks, but there’s a vein of caramel in the center that melts away when slamming, thus giving you an extra shot of flavour. I tried slamming these Tim Tams with a cup of tea and it was very good. The complicated part of this review is that I feel like I should also look at these cookies on their own. After all, these Tim Tams did not come with a hot beverage, so in some ways on their own, they’re kind of incomplete. As a cookie they’re fine, but the caramel without being melted by a hot beverage wasn’t nearly as good. I’m also not a big fan of the chocolate coating on Tim Tams, and these are no exception.

I guess what I’m saying is, as a cookie on its own, it’s fine, but nothing special. Done as directed with a cup of warm coffee, tea, or hot chocolate these Tim Tams are much better. So, I guess this is a treat that requires some planning on your part if you want to experience it at it’s best. My score will reflect the average between eating it slammed and un-slammed.