Tim Tam


If you ask anybody from New Zealand, Australia and certain parts of Asia what a Tim Tam is they won't respond with a description. Instead they'll look you in the eye and say, "You've never had a Tim Tam before?" To me that sound like a ringing endorsement and a horrible explanation all at the same time. I had not had a Tim Tam before, that is until today.

To be honest I don't really see what all the fuss is about either. I guess the cookie potion of the Tim Tam is ok; it's nice and crispy and it breaks up in your mouth just right on every bite. The cream in the middle is also pretty good; in this particular bag it was nice and chocolaty. I do however have one real problem with these and that's the chocolate on the outside.

The chocolate on the outside of a Tim Tam kind of sucks. Actually, its doesn’t kind of suck, I mean sucks badly. It's cheap, waxy and adds nothing to improve the quality of this treat at all. The thing about this treat is it's not very original either, cookies and cream covered in chocolate isn't a new experience for me at all. Since it’s not a creative idea really, the key to making it work then is good ingredients and the chocolate just ruins these cookies for me completely.

I guess if you have a friend from down under that insists you try them then go ahead, but if you search them out, you'll be disappointed.