Toblerone "Crushed Corn"


I have to give credit to the folks at Kraft for taking a very creative leap with this new Toblerone variety. Toblerone is not really a brand known for taking creative leaps with their new varieties. While they have a few different bars, most of them are pretty standard concepts, dark chocolate, white chocolate, or raisins. This bar on the other hand blends the classic Toblerone bar with something that I can't say I've ever seen mixed into any chocolate bar before, crunchy toasted corn.

The bar itself isn't bad, but it’s not the kind of bar that I'd want to eat again. The bar falls flat with two problems, one technical, and one taste. The technical problem is that all of the corn is at the bottom of the bar. There's none in the triangle sections of the bar, just in the base that connects the triangles together. This means that if you take two bites per triangle, one of those bites will not have any corn at all. The second problem, the taste problem, has something to do with the corn. For some reason the toasty flavour is just a little too strong for my liking. It's so strong that it eliminates the flavour of the nougat pieces also found throughout the bar.

If you're curious about this bar, you're a little adventurous, and you like Toblerone, I recommend this bar highly. You won't be disappointed at all, and it'll be an experience worth having. If you're a fan of Toblerone and you're thinking that this might be an improvement over the classic Toblerone, you'll be disappointed.