Toblerone "Fruit & Nut"


I know that the shape of these bars is really on of their key marketing concept, but at first bite for me, the shape comes across as kind of inconvenient. Breaking these little triangles apart is never an easy task, and often since the chocolate is so melty, I end up with sticky fingers. If I don't use my fingers and I use my mouth, I find that the roof of my mouth gets jabbed by a pointy triangular block of chocolate. When I bite into a Toblerone, I have corners jabbing me all over the place. After working my way through all of the pain I'm pretty happy, the chocolate's nice, the nougat is great in it's little form, and even the raisins in this particular bar are fine.

I guess it's silly to complain about a treat that only gives me grief for the first few seconds it's in my mouth. Although it also gives me grief if I want to share it too, although that's not a bad thing entirely. Maybe they designed the shape to make it difficult to break off so you wouldn't have to share and you could enjoy the whole bar yourself. In that case maybe it is worth the slight discomfort when you first bite into it.

The Toblerone is kind of complicated to bite into, but the chocolate and other bonuses make it worthwhile. This particular raisin version is fine, but it’s not so much better than the original.