Philidelphia Chocolate Manufacturing

I debated about starting this review with a "Who's on first" series of comments that would probably start with "guess when I wanted to eat this bar". Fortunately for you I decided against this type of humor so you'll be spared a couple of paragraphs of reading a joke from the 1950s.

The concept for this bar is really simple, it's milk chocolate with whole almonds. I'm not putting this bar down for that simple concept, the thing is I expect that if you have a bar with a simple concept you should execute it perfectly. Going simple with a chocolate bar means that the basics have to be pulled off perfectly to make it a treat worth eating. The problem with this bar is it really doesn't do that at all.

Sure, the chocolate's OK quality wise and the nuts are nice too, but the ratio of nuts to chocolate is horrible. In this whole bar I counted about 4 whole almonds. For a bar that splits into 7 sections that means at least three squares won't have any nuts at all, and this ratio sucks pretty bad. Even worse is one of my sections had two of the nuts together. So that means out of 7 bites only 3 had nuts in them. Now I know that almonds can be expensive so maybe this is a cost-effective trick of making an almond chocolate bar. However, what I recommend is if you're going to cheap out on the nuts, crush the nuts up a little and spread them around the whole bar.

I like the texture of full almonds in a chocolate bar, but if you can’t afford to have the nuts throughout the whole bar make a different choice in your delivery.