Topkek "Findikli Kakaolu"


If your favourite thing about cake is the little nuts that can sometimes be found in it, then you're in luck. If on the other hand you're like me and you've never really had chocolate cake with nuts and no icing, than this treat might come off as a little strange. I mean nuts and chocolate cake seem to go well together; no doubt, it's just not the type of snack I'd choose. I think it's because when it comes to cake, I'm really a big icing man. Sure, nuts are good and a moist cake is fine, but really the need for icing in my life is big.

Actually, now that I think about it, if you just give me a bag of icing, I'd probably score it a pretty good review. For all those candy manufactures out there that want some free publicity, and good publicity, I recommend making me a bag of icing and sending it to me. I’m not sure how you would market it, or what you would call it, but I assure you I’d eat it very happily.

Back to this little cake treat. The Topkek Findikli Kakaolu is not bad, but the without the nuts it would be horrible. I also think they could have really screwed it up had they not added enough nuts or to many, so the nut to cake balance is pretty good. What I'm saying is, if you're an icing fanatic like myself, you might find this treat a little lacking. But it’s not completely disappointing because the nuts in the cake are a nice little touch.