These gummies are a combination of two great classic gummy treats, Wine Gums and Sour Patch Kids. You might be wondering how two very different gummies like these could be merged into a singular gummy. More impressively is the fact that they’ve managed to combine these two classic gummy candies, and it works. The comparison to Sour Patch Kids is visually obvious, and that’s about it. Not that I’m knocking the visual importance of gummies. Not only are these a fun shape, which is important psychologically when you’re eating a candy, but the small shape adds to the texture. The comparisons with Wine Gums fills in the rest with these gummies. They’re a little chewier than Sour Patch Kids, so chewy that you might hurt your jaw a bit after a few handfuls. They’re also flavoured similarly to Wine Gums, I call this flavour adult fruit.

These gummies work because they’re simple, yet refined. I think they would appeal to adults and kids alike, since they’re fun shapes, but a slightly sophisticated flavour. I think in regards to the flavour, they’re also not as sweet as many other gummies. The sour lemon in particular has a bit more of a sour bite without being super sour. It’s like a more extreme tart, not too sour, but a much stronger flavour.

It’s hard to be completely original when it comes to gummies because there are just so many of them out there. These aren’t the most original gummies I’ve ever had, in that they’re just a combination of two already popular gummy candies, but they’ve at least take two aspects of these gummies and made it work well together.