Sour Patch Kids "Tropical"


There are two things I did not like about these gummies. The first is how super sour they are. While I enjoy a good sour candy, I find that some sour candies are so strong you can't eat too many of them at once. It took me 5 tries to get through this bag, and the last attempt was me forcing them down more than enjoying them. I'm sure some people like super sour candies, but I prefer a balance. I'm OK with the super sour as long as the sweet center gives you a bit of a break, these did not do that.

The other thing I didn't like about these is the flavour choices. This is different than the liking the actual flavours since as you'll se below I enjoyed the flavours a lot. The choices in this collection seemed like a bit of a cheat. There were two simple flavours, passion fruit and pineapple, and I was OK with these. The flavour choices I didn't like were called "Paradise Punch" and "Tropical Twist". These sound like flavours that don't really taste like anything in particular, but just have a tropical feel. I think there are many properly named tropical flavours and fruit that would have worked instead, and giving them vague names is just a little cheap.

As I mentioned above, while I didn't like the naming convention of the flavours, they all tasted really great. It was a little hard to get the flavour out of these candies, since the sour was so strong, but everything I did manage to pry out of these was so tasty. The pineapple and passion fruit were pretty close to the read thing, and the "Tropical Twist" had a nice citrus flavour. The "Paradise Punch" tasted a lot like fruit punch, which I assume is the point, and although it's a fake tasting flavour, it was still really good.

The texture was as good as Sour Patch Kids have always been, chewy and not too hard on the jaw. I would highly recommend trying these as soon as possible, as "new" flavours sometimes don't last long.