Bird Candy Thing?


This candy is something that could work but for some reason in this case it really doesn't. Strawberry and chocolate is normally a good combination that’s worked in the past. The probable with these is that the quality level is kind of low. I'm also not 100% sure about little crunchy things mixed into the strawberry center. The chocolate coating is kind of cheap, and that really doesn’t help things at all. It’s that kind of chocolate that doesn’t melt at all, and you feel like you have to bite into it because it won’t melt.

While the cheap chocolate wasn’t great, the worst part of this treat is the fact that the strawberry center smells stronger than it tasted. It’s an odd sensation to smell something and then not really taste it when you put it in your mouth. It’s a disappointment more than anything else. Another odd thing had to be the look of these treats. Most of them looked like regular chocolate, but some had this white speckle look to them. Being the professional I am, I tasted one of the odd coloured balls. It tasted the same but it looked a little off to me.

It would be great if another candy maker could try these out and maybe put a little more quality in it. I would even be happy if Morinaga tried to make a better version.