Turtles "Ice Cream Bar"


Look at that turtle on the package, he’s classy, no? There I was standing over the ice cream cooler at my local convenience store and I thought to myself, what kind of treat could a distinguished gentleman like myself enjoy on a hot day like this? Then I saw this treat in the freezer and I thought, “if turtles in tuxedos can eat one of these ice cream treats, then so can I.” So, I put on my monocle and top hat and picked up what I only hoped was an ice cream treat as classy and tasty as its namesake.

This Turtles Ice cream, unfortunately didn't really hold up to the quality of its chocolate counterpart. It wasn't that bad, it just doesn't have the depth that Turtles have. There’s something really great about the feeling you get when you bite into a chocolate Turtle, it seems like it’s very rich and heavy. The caramel was fine and the chocolate and nut cover was great on this ice cream bar, but the ice cream itself just wasn't that high quality. There was something really light and airy about the ice cream that didn’t match with the original theme of Turtles.

This treat, although tasty, really didn't deliver its chocolate treat namesake. I think it might have worked had it had a fudgier ice cream. The lightness of the ice cream they used made it feel cheap.