Twix "Ghost"


Twix is likely the most difficult bar to recreate in other shapes. In some ways the Twix shape is a big part of its personality. You can make other variations, change the chocolate, caramel, or even the type of cookie, and still have something similar to a Twix, but the minute you change the shape it doesn't seem quite right. That's true with this bar, but not so far that I don't get any kind of hint of Twix with it. I would say that if I was a lawyer for Mars and someone else created this bar, you might not be able to sue them because it's different enough (other than the name). You also can't sue people over ripping off candy creations, or there would be a lot of lawsuits out there.

The thing about this bar is that it takes the Twix ingredients and makes another bar, the problem is that the ratios in this new bar aren't as good as those found in a classic Twix bar. The biggest problem is the lack of cookie and the overabundance of caramel. The chocolate seems OK, but the other two ingredients while tasty, don't really balance out so well. Don't get me wrong, I like caramel, and if you love caramel you might like this bar more than regular Twix. I just really like the balance found in a regular Twix bar, and this one is lacking that. I also don't think it's worth ruining that balance for the sake of making a round bar with a ghost printed on it. It's true, these Twix Ghosts are not even really ghost shaped.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed this bar. The quality of the ingredients was on par to what I'd expect from Mars. I just would rather have eaten a regular Twix bar that offers me all of this good stuff, but with a better balance of ingredients.