Twizzlers "Sweet and Sour Filled Twists" Citrus Punch and Cherry Kick


My view of the word "licorice" must officially at this time go through a change. I do know that licorice is in fact a root that used to be used for medicine back in days of yore. This root has the flavour that most people relate to the candy that is known as black licorice. The candy known as licorice can be a twisty chewy rope that comes in red and black variety. The black is the one that often has the same flavour as one might find in the original root.

The red licorice candy is where it gets a little complicated. The red doesn’t taste at all like licorice, and in some cases tastes a little fruity. Over the years more companies are stretching this fruity option further and further, I’m here to declare that these candy twists are no longer licorice, and should not be called licorice either. The folks at Y&S have given them the name Twizzlers or Twists, and this seems fair to me. This particular treat fits that bill perfectly because there is nothing licorice about them.

What they are instead is chewy ropes filled with some kind of slightly tart goop. The goop and the twists taste fine, although fairly fake flavoured, and they aren’t really as “Sour” as I was hopping. It’s funny because on the package they say “Sour” but they also use the word “Tangy” (the weaker cousin of sour). These treats are pretty good and I have no real complaint, other than the lack of creativity. I wish someone would try and fill these twists with something unexpected, it seems like everyone is filling them with some kind of flavoured goop.