September 2022















Twizzlers Twists "Hershey’s Chocolate"


This totally makes sense if you look at it from and angle of a candy that objectively doesn’t make any sense. If you think about licorice (or Twists) as the people at Twizzlers have called them, the flavours don’t really make any sense. There’s no reason why a soft chewy, rubber like twisted wire should have a black licorice or fruity flavour. There’s also no reason why a these Twists shouldn’t have just about any flavour you can imagine. While traditionally we’re used to having these twisted rubber hoses in either black licorice or some kind of red fruit flavour, there’s nothing about the design of them that makes this have to be. The texture is nothing like licorice root or red berries.

So by saying that, I’m stating that having these Twists in chocolate isn’t really that strange, much like licorice root or berries, the texture of this is nothing like chocolate. The flavour is sort of chocolate like, but I feel like it’s not that authentic. The words “artificially flavoured” is on the package, so it’s totally possible that there is no cocoa in these at all. Even if there is cocoa in these, I feel like there’s not that much, as the flavour is pretty weak. The problem with weak flavoured Twizzlers is that you’re left with a flavourless rubber tube. While it’s surprisingly satisfying to bite into a rubber tube, it’s not that much fun when the flavour is weak.

I feel like there’s a better way to make these. Dipping regular Twizzlers in chocolate is certainly a way to go, but I figure they’re stick together pretty badly. My thought is that maybe you could fill the tube with chocolate instead. I wouldn’t even mind if they took these “chocolate flavoured” tubes and dipped them in chocolate. You could call them “Double Chocolate Twists”.

These aren’t bad, but I feel like the chocolate flavour needs to be a little more bold. I do however appreciate that Twizzlers is changing the way we think about these rubbery tubes. Why not go out beyond fruit and licorice root when it comes to flavours?