The best way to describe the Vimto is chewy, very chewy, you might even go so far as to call it extremely chewy. Taffy for me can be great or it can be a horrible nightmare, this is mostly dependent on how sore it makes my jaw. Because of my weak jaw, it’s very rare that I chose taffy when given other candy options. Since I’m feeling a little adventurous today, I saw this Vimto treat and thought that it was about time I tried a new taffy. Who knows if my jaw will love or hate me when this is all over.

Me and my jaw were not disappointed at all, this taffy is nice and soft, but still really chewy. To my surprise it also had a slightly tart flavour as well. I don't think I could eat a whole bunch of these in one sitting because it might start to hurt my jaw, but the size they sell them in is just right. I’m not really sure what flavour Vimto is supposed to be, but the slight tart kind of fruity flavour went well with the taffy texture.

If you like taffy you'll love these Vimto, and even if it's not your favorite kind of candy you still might like it for a change.