Vital Belgian Top Nougat


I can never decide if nougat is an ingredient or a treat in itself. In North America nougat is pretty much just an ingredient. It’s fairly rare to find a nougat only bar unless you’re shopping at a European store. It’s strange if you think about it. So many bars are just nougat covered in chocolate, yet they’re called chocolate bars. How come other ingredients aren’t lowered to the label of ingredient on the package when they’re covered in chocolate? Particularly when in weight they’re the major ingredients.

Most of the time I find you get two categories of Nougat, whipped soft and chewy hard. This Vital Nougat bar pretty much falls somewhere in the middle, although it’s probably closer to whipped soft than hard. It’s a nice texture when mixed with the almonds, a slight chew with a few crunchy bits. Flavour wise however it’s really subtle, so subtle that the almonds are completely dominating everything. If you just ate this bar as your first nougat experience you’d probably assume that nougat just tasted like almond.

I can see now why nougat bars aren’t that popular, I’m sure it’s an acquired taste and I’m sure Europeans must like it for some reason, but I can’t figure it out. I say this yet I’m happy to say that I enjoy a Milky Way bar, even though it’s technically a nougat bar too.