Why have I never heard of this candy before? Who forgot to send me an e-mail asking me why I have yet to review Walnettos? Diamond candy, why don't you promote this candy all over the world? When I got these little cubes, I didn't think much of them. They're not wrapped up very well, and after you unwrap them, they simply look like bland dark brown cubes of stickiness.

My assumption was that these would be some kind of taffy with walnuts in it. I could see the bits of walnuts poking out of this misshapen square. All of my pre-conceived notions about what this candy might be disappeared on the first bite. You could argue that this was a taffy candy, but I might say that it felt more like a taffy/fudge hybrid. It was a little denser and chewier than fudge, but also a little softer than taffy. It had something fun to bite into, but it didn’t hurt my jaw or stick to my teeth.

The real treat came with the flavour, walnut. Most of the time when you get a "walnut" treat, you get either chocolate or caramel with walnut in it, but these actually tasted like walnut. In fact, I would say that walnut is the dominant flavour of this candy, with a slight caramel after taste. This is really rare, in fact I think this might be one of the strongest walnut flavours I've ever sampled in my life, and I like it.

This is not a pretty candy, but the texture is fantastic, and the flavour is unique and tasty.