Warheads Sour Chews

Impact Confections

As you can tell from the picture here, there are six different Warhead Sour Chews to choose from. So, I'm going to talk about each flavour individually, that’s because each flavour is very different from the next. Let's start with purple, grape, it's your standard fake grape flavour and I like fake grape flavour. Blue, I'm going to go with raspberry, I'm not sure why blue and raspberry go together, but you can't change the candy world overnight. Green, sadly it's apple, fake apple ranks as one of the worst candy flavours I know. Pink, strawberry, a surprise and ties for my favourite flavour so far with grape. Orange, is orange, and it's the strongest flavour of the bunch. Red is... Watermelon, remember when I said that fake apple was my second least favourite flavour, well watermelon is my total least favourite.

Each and every one of these cubes has a very fake candy flavour, some fake candy flavours are OK, others are not. It's nice that you get a variety with these, but frankly I could do without the watermelon and the apple. Most disappointing is the fact that the red is watermelon and not cherry. I think a sour cherry cube might have ranked as my favourite flavour. Sour wise these disappoint a lot, there's a hint of sour, particularly on the first one, but it doesn't last long. If you're looking for something to match the raw power of Warheads candy, look somewhere else.

As gummies they're pretty standard, the shape and texture are nothing special, unless you really like stacking cubes. These aren’t so disappointing that they should be avoided (except maybe the watermelon or apple cubes), but I don’t think there’s any reason to seek them out either.