Wavel Assorted Chocolates


Basic chocolates is what you get in this box of Wavel Assorted Chocolates. It’s nothing that fancy, but they taste okay. The best part has to be the dark chocolate covering, in the right mood (which I must be in today) a dark chocolate coating on a fine chocolate really works. Dark chocolate particularly works for me if the inside of the fine chocolate is really sweet. The bitter of the dark chocolate and the sweet of the filling can create a really nice balance.

The quality of these chocolates was better than your average chocolate, but not as good as some of the higher-end boxed chocolates I've tasted in the past. The thing that really got me was the lack of directions. There was a variety of sweet filling flavours, but there was nothing in the box to tell me what flavour was in which chocolate. I really didn't know what I was biting into and some candies even had the same flavour filling even though the chocolate had a different shape.

Normally boxed chocolates are something I really look forward to. Fine chocolates normally rank pretty high for me. Unfortunately, this box didn’t really cut it. It was fine, but it didn’t wow me at all. The flavours were basic and the lack of direction really made it hard to enjoy them. The only bonus is that each one of these chocolates was dark chocolate, and that was a nice balance with the sweet fillings.