Werther’s Original Soft

August Storck

What this candy gains in satisfaction, it loses in originality. My one complaint (and it's kind of a silly complaint) about the classic hard Werther's Original has to do with their texture. Whenever I eat one of those caramel hard candies I want to bite down. There's just something about the flavour of caramel that makes my brain think that I should be eating a soft candy. I can't ever remember eating one of the hard Werther's Originals without biting down on it at some point, even if just for the last few seconds before it dissolves in my mouth. This is where these Werther's Original Soft come in.

Flavour wise these are pretty close, if not exactly the same as the classic hard Werther's Originals. It's a very creamy caramel flavour, without loosing the classic caramel flavour. Obviously the difference is that these are designed to be biten, unlike the hard versions. When you do bite down the texture of these soft caramels is pretty good as well. It's not too hard (so if you want to eat a few your jaw won't get sore), but it's also not so soft that after one bite it turns into nothing. So you might think that these would then be the perfect Werther's Originals, but it's just not the case.

I won't lie, these are very good candies, but unlike the hard Werther's Originals, soft caramels are something that's pretty common in the candy world. While these are fine soft caramels, I have had better. So since I'm not really comparing these to hard candies, they actually fall somewhere in the upper to middle of soft chewy caramels. I realize that this is a little bit weird, the fact that the biggest fault of the hard Werther's Originals is that they're hard, and the fault of these soft Werther's Originals is that they're soft. It's just that a hard candy that tastes like a smooth caramel is a bit more unique than a soft chewy caramel candy. So I feel like these have a better texture, but the hard ones are more original. I guess I just can't be pleased either way.