When I was a kid, I remember watching commercials for the Whatchamacallit bar. I only remember watching commercials about this bar because I couldn’t actually buy this bar anywhere in Canada. This, along with Carvel Ice Cream, was one of the brands of treats that as a Canadian you would see the advertising on American television stations, but you couldn’t actually find the treat in Canada. Because of this, I had a certain mystique about this bar in my head. Everything I knew about this bar was based on the commercial, and the commercial seemed to indicate that it was a wacky bar filled with a wide range of ingredients. So many ingredients that I don’t think they even mentioned them all in the commercial. I was probably able to get my hands on a Whatchamacallit a few times as a child, but the memory of the commercials sits more firmly in my mind than the actual taste.

So after my first bite, I can best describe the Whatchamacallit as a nice mix of caramel, crisps and milk chocolate. The Whatchamacallit is a nice bar with an okay flavour. I don’t know if it lives up to the zaniness of the commercials, but it’s not a bad bar. I was, disappointed with what the package describes as "peanut flavored crisps". It was weird to have crisps that were flavoured and I wondered why not mix real peanuts or maybe peanut butter into the mix.

The texture was good and the caramel was great, but it would be great with a little something else, maybe some peanut butter.