Puccho Stick "Soda"


I'm both disappointed and really happy with these white cloud themed candies. I'm disappointed because of the way they look. I thought, by the package, that I was getting a bunch of awesome little cubes with shiny little chunks all throughout. What I got instead was an odd shaped cube and occasional chunks crudely sticking out. It’s not really the dreamy image I had in mind when I looked at the package. There’s something light and fluffy going on in this package, however visually the look of these cubes just doesn’t hold up.

While I’m disappointed with the look of these Puccho Sticks, I am really happy with the flavour, and I'm even happier about what those ugly little gummy chunks do. The chewy stuff on the outside of each cube is your standard chewy taffy with a lemon/lime type flavour. The secret and key to this treat is the little chunks that burst in your mouth with a fizz as well as a sour jolt. I can't explain how it tastes except to say that the cloudy themed package really gives the texture and flavour of this treat justice.

I'm not sure if I could recommend this to everybody, but for those of you that really like an interesting and different type of chewy treat, you might get a kick out of it. For some it might come across as a little dull and the flavour a little strange, but give it a chance and you might be surprised.