Whoppers are an odd snack for me. I never really crave them, but once I eat one, I can't stop eating them. For some reason I find that the flavour and the texture are really addictive. I can’t ever remember a day in my life when I’ve gone out to buy a bag (or sleeve in this case) of Whoppers, but every single time I’m presented with them, I eat them all. It can be embarrassing at times.

It could be that the texture is what makes me a little crazy for these once I start eating them. There’s a nice soft milk chocolate coating with a crunchy center. I guess you could call it a malt center, whatever that's supposed to mean. I think the thing about the center that makes me happy is the fact that you can both suck on it and chew it. If you suck on the center it melts away ever so slowly and satisfyingly. If you crunch the center you get a really satisfying crunch that eventually leads to the little pieces melting away in your mouth.

I think one day I might have to buy a bulk container of Whoppers and see what my threshold is for eating them. This little sleeve of Whoppers was not nearly enough.