Hot Wire


I get it, I can see why these are called “Hot Wires”. It’s because they kind of look like real wires. Most of the time candy that describes itself as a wire is just a candy that’s long and stringy. These on the other hand actually look like a wire one might use to pass electricity. That’s why the word “hot” is in the name. It certainly isn’t because they’re actually hot, something I’m kind of happy about.

With a chewy outside this cream filled treats are really hard to describe. They're chewy tubes with a creamy center. The texture of the cream filling is softer than the chewy outer tube. It’s a nice contrast when you bite into them and it makes this kind of unique. The best part about these snacks are in the fidget factor, you can't imagine how many times I tried to squeeze out the filling or peel them open.

The only disappointing thing about this candy is the flavour. Not to say that the flavour was that bad, just nothing to write home about. I think to improve them you might want to amp (see what I did there) up the flavour. You could go the obvious route and just make them spicy, but I think a better route would be to either intensify the fruit flavour, or maybe give them a slightly sour kick.