If one might ask me what flavour I think this gum is, the answer I would give them is simple, “I think its peppermint”. If you were to ask the people at Lotte what flavour this gum is, they would give you some kind of convoluted answer like "Clear". That's really the thing that inspired me to spend my (about a) dollar on this pack of gum, the words "Clear Taste" in the section that describes the flavour. I was hoping to get something the likes I've never tasted before, but instead I got peppermint.

Worst of all the gum itself wasn't even transparent, that would have been cool too. No, instead what I got was an average piece of peppermint chewing gum... Well maybe I'm being a little too hard on it since I had expectation that might be unreasonable (yet advertised). The gum itself tasted ok for peppermint gum, it wasn't particularly strong or mild, but it did freshen my breath a little. The flavour also managed to last a long time (about 30 min), so that's not too bad either.

I think my problem is I'm getting bored with most mint gums. They really often just offer the same thing, similar taste, soft texture or hard shell (this one was hard shell), and my breath seems a little better temporarily. I want something new, something revolutionary in the mint gum world, I don't know what it is yet, but I'm sure someone has it.

Chew Time: about 30 min