Yan Yan "Double Cream - Chocolate Flavoured Cream and Banana Cream"


This treat had all the makings of being totally disastrous. It was relatively inexpensive, it contains the words "chocolate flavoured", and it contains bananas. Those are often signs of something that I'm not really going to like. In fact, after looking at the label, I'm wondering why I even bought this treat in the first place.

The thing is, it kind of delivered above its weight. First of all, the concept of this treat is pretty simple, cookie sticks that you dip in a creamy dip. If a treat is inexpensive, but it's simple, that can sometimes mean it will work out. Often the more complicated a treat the more expensive it should be to be any good. The first surprise was how good the chocolate dip was. Don't get me wrong, this is no Cote D'or Noir de Noir (the best chocolate spread in the world, sorry Nutella), but it's not that bad. It's smooth and actually fairly chocolaty. The biggest surprise however was the banana cream. It's very important that you know that this is banana cream, and not banana. They balanced out a flavour I don't normally like in candy by making it creamy. It very much reminded me of a banana cream pie, which I love.

There were a few minor problems/weird things about this treat. First of all, it was a little strange that the chocolate cream part of the container was so much bigger than the banana cream. I would safely put it at twice the size of the banana cream. I also wasn't exactly sure how I should eat this. Do I dip one end of each stick in each flavour of cream, do I mix them up, I wasn't sure the best way to deal with two creams. I could have also used more of everything, although that could be a compliment more than a problem.

This isn't a bad treat, it's simple, kind of fun, and surprisingly tasty.