Dots "Yogurt"


I always find it entertaining when a candy company names their candy with the simplest descriptive terms. These little round fruit and yogurt flavoured chews are called Dots, and that’s what they look like. Although if you look at them from the side (which is how you see them for the most part on the box), then I would say they look more like nubs than dots. Strange when you think about the fact that they show them on the box as nubs as well, but they call them dots. I’m no packaging or marketing expert, but I’d say that just doesn’t make sense. They should really feature the dot like view more than the nub view on the box.

As far as how these yogurt flavour Dots taste, I’d say they’re not bad. I don’t remember what the regular dots taste like (since it’s been a while since I’ve had a box) but after going over the old review I seem to remember them being super chewy. These are also pretty chewy but not something worth noting. Maybe this package of yogurt Dots is a little fresher than the ones I review before. The flavour of this yogurt Dots however is really nice. The yoghurt is smooth and creamy, although the extra flavour makes it difficult to know if each colour has a different flavour.

You really have to think about each flavour in order to differentiate it from another. It was only after trying a purple and an orange yoghurt Dot that I was really able to taste a difference. They’re yummy, fruity (although hard to distinguish each flavour) and just chewy enough to enjoy.