Yogurt Flavoured Candy


There's something a little strange about these yogurt chews. I think calling them yogurt is a little off the mark. They're a bit creamy, and a little bit tart, but there's some other flavour that's just not like yogurt at all about them. I think the best way to describe this flavour would be fruity. These candies are a much more fruity candy than yogurt. It's not to say that fruit and yogurt flavours don't go together, exactly the opposite in fact. My general opinion of yogurt in the real world is that in most cases fruit is a big plus. I could safely say that yogurt and fruit are one of my go to snack and breakfast combination.

I think the problem these chews have is the fact that the yogurt is not the primary flavour. When I eat yogurt I expect it to be the dominant flavour, the sweet fruit is just there to balance out the tartness. If I had to compare this flavour to anything I would actually say it's closer to a cream soda. Cream soda is pretty much a super sweet fruit, with a splash of cream flavour to balance it out. Come to think of it, that's probably another slight problem with these “yogurt” chews.

While there is a creamy flavour to these, it is more of a synthetic flavour. There's nothing authentically creamy about these at all. I've had a few chewy candies in my day that had a much more authentic creamy flavour. It's strange, I kind of like these chewy squares, but I'm having a real hard time calling them yogurt.