April 2022

Yumm! Gummi "Galaxy Life"


I had a fascinating experience reviewing these gummies, I ate them in the dark. More specifically I ate them while at a theatre. I did not buy them at this theatre, so in some ways I may have done something slightly wrong, but that has no bearing on this review at all. I did have an opportunity to look at these gummies before I went into the theatre through the small window in the package. I saw a fun assortment of space shapes including aliens and rocket ships. This was the only time I saw what these looked like, but frankly I feel comfortable telling you that they looked fun enough.

The interesting part about eating these in the dark came about because I could not tell what colour of candy I was eating at any given time. In some cases this could have proved to be problematic because sometimes candy companies give their candies different colours, but not different flavours. These gummies on the other hand give both different colours (I saw that when I looked in the package) and different flavours. Each bite I took was most certainly a very different flavour. I came across what I presume to be lemon, cherry, apple and watermelon. While I wasn’t the biggest fan of the apple or watermelon, in general the flavours weren’t bad.

Another thing to note is the texture of these gummies. In the last few years there has been a trend of putting white fluffy, almost marshmallow like bottoms on gummies. In general I don’t like this, but that’s mostly because I often don’t like the texture of marshmallows. I also find that gummies are already squishy enough, so combining them with another squishy texture doesn’t make any sense. While this feature normally turns me off, it’s often because there’s too much of the marshmallow texture compared to the gummy. This was not the case with these at all, in fact the gummy portion of these gummies was really substantial. This not only balanced the marshmallow to gummy ratio, but it actually let me figure out what shape there were supposed to be in the dark.

I wouldn’t say that these are exceptional gummies, but they are pretty good. There’s nothing new or innovative about them, but they take some tried and true ideas and make them work. I’d be happy to eat them again, but I don’t think they’re worth seeking out.