Hershey Pieces


Candy covered chocolate. This is not a novel idea so I would say that this candy is really not that interesting. M&Ms and Smarties (UK Canadian version) have been doing this for years. I really wonder why a brand like Hershey’s would even go this direction. I think in order to break into the candy coated chocolate section of the candy world, you have to offer something different. While Hershey’s chocolate can be fairly good, it’s by no means much better than Mars or Neilson’s chocolate. You could try other ingredients to go with your candy coated chocolate, but Hershey’s hasn’t. There feel like a desperate attempt at trying to sell their chocolate in another form.

Of course, that doesn't mean that it's a bad candy. These small candy coated chocolate treats taste fine. I also noticed that the candy shell is a little thinner than that of other candy covered chocolates, in particular M&Ms. I guess you can say that this might make these a little unique, but likely not unique enough for the average candy eater to notice. The only other original part of this candy is the shape, it's more like a Reese's piece than a Smarties or M&M, but again I’m not sure if people would buy these just because of that.

I just don’t understand why Hershey’s would go this direction. They have a classic bar that could work in many new ways, competing with two brands that really have a stronghold on the market just doesn’t make any sense.