Act II Popcorn Ball


This snack is really simple and basic, and hey that's a good thing. This is one of those treats where you don’t need something fancy or surprising. When you hear the word “popcorn ball” you want a ball that tastes like popcorn and nothing more. This is in big part to the fact that this isn’t really an original idea, people have been making popcorn balls for as long as I know. The trick however is to make a popcorn ball that’s packaged up and still gives you the same feeling you might get eating one that you made at home.

The popcorn itself is fine, light and fluffy and fortunately not stale at all. The sweet stuff that held it together was just right and kept this ball together very well. I was worried that the sweet stuff might have been a little too sweet but it wasn’t and it had the perfect balance with the savory popcorn. The problem with a treat like this really has to be its staying power. It’s not something you can open up and put off to the side to eat later. It would either fall apart or go stale pretty quickly. If you get one of these you really have to eat it immediately, but hey that's not really a problem because it tastes pretty good.